Feb. 1st, 2009

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Hey all! I was just wondering if a community like this existed, so thank google for bringing me here. ^.^
Also, thank Dawkins for making me want to seek out some more organized groups, as I just picked up The God Delusion and am only on Chapter 2, but I'm enjoying it quite a lot.
For the past couple of years now I've only just enjoyed watching and laughing at the creationist debates on YouTube, following Thunderf00t, MikeFoz, DonExodus, and the like as they mock PCS and his ilk.
I listen to the Skeptic's Guide to the Universe every week for fun facts and new science happenings and the wars against stupidity.
And I even got my paws on Religulous recently because I missed it when it was in theaters, which really made me sad cause I wanted to see a live showing of it when it was still up.
I consider myself a rationalist and critical thinker. And even more then just being tagged as an atheist, if someone were to ask me why I don't believe in a god, I'd just ask back "What could possibly make me believe a fable like that were actually true?". I miss Douglas Adams. >.>
Also about me, I like video games, cartoons, movies, music... you know, the basic stuff. I now host 2 PodCasts, a gaming news talk show, and a music radio type of deal. I've been in the fandom 'officially' for around the ballpark of 14 years now. Oh, I also adore DiscWorld. ^.^
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Some people are such bastards aren't they? Now, I want to know which of you would agree in violently punching - or worse - the idiots that attacked him.


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