Jul. 6th, 2009

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Oh, hi everyone. I know of at least a couple of you by association, if not directly. It's been a long, strange journey for me with religion until I reached this point.

Anyway, I teach biology at a university in Louisiana. Which, as you might imagine, has its moments.

I have this nugget to share today. ---> http://www.wsvn.com/news/articles/local/MI124870/?56

Observe how people's pointless outrage blinds them from simple comprehension of what they're reading. It does not read "do not believe in God." There's nothing anti-Christian or anti-religion about it; they're advertising a support group! But of course there's nothing remotely unacceptable about posting any propaganda that instructs me to believe, or better, telling me I'm going to hell.

Is everybody's stockpile of marshmallows ready? Because, after all--what's the sense in us caring about what doesn't affect us?

In addition, "who else are they going to believe in?" Perhaps your parents or anybody that has a positive message of strong character, hard work, charity, goodwill and tolerance to share? This, of course, does not require a preacher, but isn't it just easier to outsource some of that responsibility and just tell your kids to not think for themselves? Wait...does this not make them even more susceptible to negative peer pressure? Maybe not; every brain is different, but the logic makes sense to me.

Also, "Big Mama." I might not have laughed because of the nickname, but because it was used in lieu of the woman's actual name in the story. Admit it, you did too!


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