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One sometimes hears believers claim, that atheism has nothing to offer to the world. And you know what? For once they are right about something. Should a believer see this post, he/she might also point out that this piece of text is utterly pointless... and he/she would be right about that too! You see, this text is merely an attempt to show that I'm at least TRYING to do something myself, instead of just posting youtube videos made by someone else!

Which is what I'm going to do. Again. So if atheism offers the world nothing, what does christianity have to offer?


Date: 2010-05-08 04:57 pm (UTC)
lonetread: (penguin)
From: [personal profile] lonetread
Awesome. And, jumping on the "posting other people's YT videos" bandwagon: Have a fantastic, and related, poem.

Date: 2010-05-20 03:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] senkolke.livejournal.com
Religion offers hope, and charge you for it (it's the ultimate business: they're taking your money and giving you NOTHING in return)

Religion offers happiness. The same kind of happiness a joint gives: at the expense of your mind, and inside your own mind only.

Religion counters the feeling of "he screwed me up and wasn't punished for it". My advice: "welcome to Earth: it's time for you to grow up"

Religion offers counsel against any man's greatest fear: death. My advice: "man up, pussy. We all die someday. It's needed for some to die for the rest to continue existing. Because, you know, the vegetables and meat we eat are also dead..."

I could go on infinitely with this...


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