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I know it's not nice to speak ill of the dead, but—

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I recently found a site that lets you play videos from your HDD, and allow people to connect to a webpage and watch it with you. Streaming video. I was wondering if anyone would like me to broadcast some videos or movies for a community movie night or something.
I have:
The Unpleasant World of Penn and Teller

and some other stuff like,

Venture Bros. Season 3
The IT Crowd Season 3
Into the Wild
Supersize Me

I could go out and get more stuff, like Penn and Teller's Bullshit...

I'd like to do this Sunday at Noon, Pacific time.
I got a bunch of Dawkins and other stuff just for it.
I'll probably use Ustream, since it' gotten all popular among the furs.
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I recently saw an amusing tee and thought I'd share. It's titled Playing God, and it depicts an Andross-esque diety hovering over houses and a trailer park with counters for: SMITE, PLAGUE, F&B, MIRACLE, and human tears.

The image:

The shirt (sold out):
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I posted this a few months ago in my own journal. It was mostly in support of gay rights, but I think it has plenty to say about religion as well.

Original title: "Wow, an argument I've made that doesn't use profanity."

What is wrong with the christian conservative viewpoint is that it seeks to shelter children from the "evil" of the world. That "evil" is subjective to the Judeo-Christian viewpoint, as well as the Islamic one. Education should be free of bias, and teaching somebody in a public school that a lifestyle is wrong and immoral is biased. If creationism and Christian values should be taught in our schools, than the myths of Brahma, Vishnu, Sidhartha, and the Great Spirit should also be taught. There are hundreds of religions in the world, and each one is convinced that they are right.

It is interesting, also, that while the New Testament does list homosexuality as immoral (Romans 1:24-27), Jesus Christ never once speaks out against it. Christ is the focal point of CHRISTianity, and all relevant works should be analyzed through His teachings. I was raised a Christian, but have subsequently turned from it because my eyes were opened to the hypocrasy and hate espoused by the faithful. Christ's message is one of love, tolerance, and peace. It is not a message of fear, hate, anger, and violence.

Gandhi sums it up quite well:
"I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

I will not have the memory of tens of thousands of my brothers, victims of the Final Solution, be trampled upon by the feet of zealots. It is for them that I write this, as well as for Matthew Shepard and all other victims of violence and butchery simply for the sake of love.
The only Heaven we can be sure about, the only one we can truly aspire to, is the one we stand to create here, on Earth. We are all human beings. All flawed. All beautiful. All capable of loving.

Oh, and for the record, humans aren't the only animals to exhibit homosexual behavior. Black swans, gulls, mallards, penguins, dolphins, bison, the great apes, elephants, giraffes, lions, polecats, sheep, hyenas, dragonflies, fruit flies, and several species of reptiles also exhibit it. And that is only scratching the surface...

Maybe its not as unnatural as people think.

So... any thoughts?

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James Randi! An inspiring Amazing man who will warm your heart. I submit only a link to his youtube for now, since it's choc full of really good stuff. But please do enjoy it.

/end uplifting post
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Some people are such bastards aren't they? Now, I want to know which of you would agree in violently punching - or worse - the idiots that attacked him.
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Hey all! I was just wondering if a community like this existed, so thank google for bringing me here. ^.^
Also, thank Dawkins for making me want to seek out some more organized groups, as I just picked up The God Delusion and am only on Chapter 2, but I'm enjoying it quite a lot.
For the past couple of years now I've only just enjoyed watching and laughing at the creationist debates on YouTube, following Thunderf00t, MikeFoz, DonExodus, and the like as they mock PCS and his ilk.
I listen to the Skeptic's Guide to the Universe every week for fun facts and new science happenings and the wars against stupidity.
And I even got my paws on Religulous recently because I missed it when it was in theaters, which really made me sad cause I wanted to see a live showing of it when it was still up.
I consider myself a rationalist and critical thinker. And even more then just being tagged as an atheist, if someone were to ask me why I don't believe in a god, I'd just ask back "What could possibly make me believe a fable like that were actually true?". I miss Douglas Adams. >.>
Also about me, I like video games, cartoons, movies, music... you know, the basic stuff. I now host 2 PodCasts, a gaming news talk show, and a music radio type of deal. I've been in the fandom 'officially' for around the ballpark of 14 years now. Oh, I also adore DiscWorld. ^.^
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Retrieved from:


"What do the other human persons here think ?

No doubt someone will object, saying something obviously ridiculous like, but atheists are persons.

But clearly this is mistaken because anybody without a well developed belief in God is obviously not a full human person.

What could be more obvious than that ?

How many full human persons do you know without a well developed belief in God. Obviously none, because if they were full human person they would have a well developed belief in God.

Now some people might object to killing atheists for there (and obviously it is there and not thier as they are not whos but whats [duh smilie]) organs but think of all the full human persons that would benifit from the organs and the medical research that could be done on these non-persons.

How could anybody object, they are not human persons and if you think we should not kill them then that is just because of out dated ideas and because they must really just want people to suffer. For shame on you !

So what do people think ?

Should we kill these atheist human non-persons for the benifit of fully human persons ?


This is outrageous! How dares he say we aren't human!? You do know this guy personally. Cos I have some things in store for him...
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As I'm writing this, my beloved pet kitty, Blanqui, is dying out of cancer. He has skin cancer, which have grown quite bad lately despite our efforts to heal him, and today it seems like he has lost an eye to it.
So we're putting to sleep tomorrow morning.

Another proof that there is no god. If there would be one, such a thing as cancer would have never existed. IF there would be one, my kitty (probably the most docile and wonderful pet in the world) would have never suffered like this...

Fuck you, God. Thanks for killing my beloved kitty in the most painful way possible.
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Christian Furs category being slated for deletion.


Thought you'd all appreciate an update since the discussion had come up here.
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Here's my opinion on The Katurran Odyssey, a book that, while addictive with all the anthropomorphic characters (who's for fanfic erotica?), does contain some unpleasing "sublimal messages":

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Not only there will be another Chronicles of Narnia movie, there won't be a movie adaptation of the sequels of The Golden Compass:


Now, you might be thinking this is a useless post, but think about it. Chronicles of Narnia, which not only promotes christianity, but has also been accused of promotting racism, sexism and islamophobia, is allowed to have movie adaptations with little if any criticism, while His Dark Materials, which, while criticised as being "anti-catholic" (and even so many christians support it), is quite a lot more moral (read it and you'll see), is attacked by mindless idiots which haven't even read it, and this can be interpreted as an offense to human freedom. If a christian movie can be allowed to exist, why the hell people can't accept an atheist movie? Clearly it had quite a lot of success in most of the world (even in Italy, despiste the Pope's opinion), but, as you all know, its in USA where the big decisions in the fate of a franchise are taken, and quite honestly its horrible bigots won this time. While children are brainwashed by the Narnia crap, a deeper and quite honestly more interesting fantasy series lost ground. Lets just hope this situation doesn't happen again.
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Enjoy the stupidity of worshiping someone's birth...

Anyways... i'll be out working, producing ze fuel that powers your cars and trucks... while everyone is out having fun.

So have some holiday cheer for me (rum) and enjoy the free vacation (or work day with overtime :D) it!


Dec. 23rd, 2008 07:00 am
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I laughed, I cried, and I learned how to use circular logic.

Xmas trees

Dec. 18th, 2008 06:55 pm
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I have a question, people...

Religious people seem to be extremely devoted to talk against abortion (claiming that "don't murder the defenseless", that "it's life, despite it still has no sentience", and shit like that), and against euthanasia and asisted death (usually saying the same shit)...

And why most religious people there insist to have a real xmas tree in their houses? You know, a LIVING tree, that was MURDERED when it was cut off its roots, and is slowly dying in your house, full of lights and crap...

Let's see:

Tree: alive, non sentient, defenseless
Embryo: alive, non sentient, defenseless
Brainless people: alive, non sentient, defenseless

Can someone enlighten me on this? :)

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Well, if someone already has posted this, then how can I delete it?


Nov. 30th, 2008 03:04 pm
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I'm not quite sure if this would qualift as an "Athiestic" view, but...
If everything is broken down to a simple form, it would seem as if nothing truly exists. Reasoning: 
Time is the start of everything, therefore there could be nothing before time. If this is so, then time does not exist as you can get nothing from something that is not there. Apply again to everything that we know. If time does not exist, but we exist in time, that nullifies everything as we know it. Put simply, we would be existing in the fact that we don't, creating a living paradox.


Nov. 29th, 2008 01:55 pm
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If God created all life and made it all perfect...what's the role of parasites, organisms that live at the expense of other organism, in God's majestuous plan? Things like wasps, flies, mosquitoes, maggots, ticks and fleas...

Who can give me a "biblical" answer? ;)
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